Women’s Survival Guide is a newsletter about women’s experiences in midlife.

Are you over 50 or just about? Or, just curious about what lies ahead? Then, I am here for you! My writing is conversational and I lean towards funny. I want you to be happy after reading what I post, and perhaps better informed and psyched. WSG is meant to be motivating for midlife women who are experiencing a ton of mental, physical and familial changes. No need to go it alone!

I did not start this blog three years ago with the same intentions as I have for it now. I was 52 and now I am 55. I had three kids at home, and it was COVID. Now I have three kids in college, and life is different than pre-COVID. I got my period then, I do not now (yay! It was awful). Many more friends are now caring for their parents. I am learning so darn much now from so many different people it makes my head spin.

Entering midlife is like beginning a new adulthood. I am excited and happy about so many aspects of ‘right now’. Of course there are some moments when we miss what was. Like, what was I doing? What was I saying? What? But, you’re not alone! I am not alone. And, unlike so many other times in my female life, I know that I am not alone while I march towards all sorts of new experiences both good and bad, joyous and sad. Here we go.

What you can expect here:

I put out a post every Sunday at 4:20 AM and have since December 15th, 2020. I schedule it! In fact, I am not an early morning person but I have discovered that many of you are! I will also be active on Notes and put out a Thread or two during the week.

Personal Essays:

You will find personal essays by me about subjects we need to talk about like Missing my Estrogen, or, A 50 Something’s Daily Life, or, Parenting 20 somethings. Or, I may write about nothing in particular. Just stream of midlife consciousness like A Couple of Rants About Nothing, Really. That was a good one! Or, sweet reflections like, Happy Mother’s Day! I occasionally do a post soley on recipes. I do New Years’ posts. I’m a little bit of a ping pong ball, mentally.


I have a few different sorts of interviews. I interview women who are really into something they started after 45 like Cai Cai and her store, and Marion McEvoy and her floral collages. I interview professionals who are here to help us. For instance, Emily Burnett and her financial fitness advice for us and our kids. Or, our skin! Rose Prieto has been a regular and she answers all of our aging skin questions! I ask everyone I interview my 5 Stock Questions and a recipe.

One Woman’s Journey:

These interviews can be anonymous, like this one on cancer, or personal, like Karen Fabri’s Journey to Sobriety.

Shopping Guides!

I put out a holiday shopping guide or two each year. I ask friends for nifty recommendations. I did a few for graduations, as well.

Video Interviews and Podcasts!

Most of my interviews for the past year and going forward are accompanied by a Zoom video lovingly transformed into a fun viewing experience on Youtube and imbedded into the e-mail and online posts. Here is a link to the Women’s Survival Guide Youtube channel. And Here are the Podcasts so you can listen to joyful banter anywhere, anytime. Fun!!


We are nothing without each other. I am learning how to better use the ever evolving Substack tools to best create and tend a happy and informative cadre of lovelies! Comment, post, question, use the Notes tool in the Substack app. It’s great!!

About me:

I am from and live in Boston with my husband and dog, Gidget. She is adorable and snoring next to me. We have three daughters who are semi-launched, meaning, in college. I miss them and I miss our predictable life together we shared for 20 years under one roof. But, I am suddenly full of creative energy to do and to make and to go. It is an interesting time in life!

I am a painter and have a studio in the SOWA arts district in Boston (450 Harrison Ave if you’re around for a first Friday!). I’m trying to keep my art instagram interesting, have a peek here. I worked in commercial real estate for a number of years. I lived in Washington DC. I lived in New York. I’ve been to grad school. Twice. I volunteered at the kids’ schools. I’ve cooked a lot. I love my family.

I am not a professional writer. Writing has always been a thing I do. I began to journal in third grade. I have stacks of them in my house. Perhaps as an only child it was my way to think things through, without a sibling to make fun of me. I write without intention of publishing a book. And I write without the understanding of the business end of it all. But, as long as I love it and you like it well enough, I’m going to keep it up.

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Welcome to The Women’s Survival Guide (WSG). You’re here because you know that whatever I write it will (hopefully) leave you feeling happy, motivated and understood. At WSG you are not alone as a female in that “now-what” phase of life. Oh, the places we’ll go!

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I interview women passionate about what they do in the now-what phase of life with positivity and humor. I produce an interview every three weeks and the other weeks, I take you on a field trip, or reflect on something super deep and meaningful. Whatever it is, the WSG newsletter is a positive spin on what is happening now, with candor.  

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I interview women passionate about what they do in the now-what phase of life with positivity and humor.


Midlife motivator | humorist | married empty nester | professional painter | I interview women passionate about what they do in the now-what phase of life with positivity and humor.