When they say youth is wasted on the young, they aren't kidding. I don't mean to sound grumpy and judgmental. I am only speaking for myself and my somewhat ill spent youth. You are a number of steps ahead of me and I hope to get to your stage someday. I work hard not to allow myself to be sad that those years of kids at home is fully over. We want them grow up and stand on their own and go and do what we did: work, date, marry, have kids, raise them and go for drives on the country. But, it is like a loss in its way...like a death. But, also like a rebirth. I'm in the early stages now. I am grateful for your commenting, nanabarbie:)

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Thank you Kim

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Sep 20, 2023Liked by Kim Druker Stockwell

Having 5 children was a 12 year delight and a 30 year nesting commitment before

their tentative fledglings. The first 10 years, felt like a huge vacation. But one day when we were driving in the beautiful countryside I had

an lighting bolt realization,

Nothing I will be able to do

for the rest of my life will

ever be so meaningful as

having these children. Yes

we had more money now,

and time together.

BUT this awakening was one

of the many reality hurdles

ahead for us to face growing

older, weaker, sicker, and loosing so many friends to

mostly to Alzheimer’s.

Now in our 90’s we too are having potent signs of memory loss. So far we joke

about these strange, funny new attributes!

We still feel God has blessed us mightily!

The world we find ourselves

in now however is showing a new culture of utter self destruction.

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